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Web Browser Web Authentication


For some websites, the auto fill function does not work automatically. It is important to note that some website will prevent you from autofilling your credentials.

It requires some steps in order to properly send the username and password. Depending on the website, the process can be automatic or may require additional steps.

Method 1

Automatically log into a website

1.In the General tab of the Web Browser entry, enter the credentials. This is also here that you can activate the Devolutions Web Login extension.


2.In the Login - Settings tab, set the Authentication to Form. Then, verify that the Autofill login and Auto submit options are enabled.





Enter the username to connect on the website.


Enter the domain to connect on the website.


Enter the password to connect on the website.

Autofill login

Automatically fills in the credential fields when opening the web page.

Autofill delay

Set a delay between opening the web page and attempting the auto fill feature.

Auto submit

Automatically submit the credentials and try connecting to the website.

3.In the Html Control ID tab, click the Discover button to define the appropriate fields.

The Discover command searches the web page to find the fields that correspond to those in the entry. This allows the application to find the appropriate fields to fill when connecting to the website.


Once all the necessary steps have been completed, upon launching the session, the credentials will automatically be entered and logged into the site.


The second method requires to manually identify the IDs corresponding to the logon fields on the login web page.

For this example, we will be using Google Chrome to inspect the logon fields.

For both the Username & Password fields, you will be required to do a right-click inside each field and click on Inspect;


You will see the corresponding IDs to be used in the HTML Control ID tab of the Web session in Remote Desktop Manager;

Below is an example of the inspection for the Username field. From it you can see that the Username ID is username.