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How to Integrated Password Hub Business in RDM




If Devolutions Password Hub Business is missing in the list of data sources available to add, please update your current version of Remote Desktop Manager.

Here are the steps to integrate the Devolutions Password Hub Business as a data source in Remote Desktop Manager.

1.Optional: Open an internet browser page and log into your Devolutions Password Hub Business.

2.Open Remote Desktop Manager.

3.Click on File - Data sources.

4.Click on the plus icon, at the top left of the window, to Add a new data source.

5.Select Devolutions Password Hub Business and click OK.

6.Enter a Name for your data source.

7.For the Username, enter your Devolutions account email.

8.Copy in the Host your Devolutions Password Hub Business URL (ex: or click on the 3 dots to get a drop down list to select from.

9.Click OK to finish the setup.

10.Click OK to close the Data Sources window.

11.Authenticate with your Devolutions account and you should be all set.