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Moving Online Database Basic (1 user) to Password Hub Personal


We are starting to phase out the Devolutions Online Database service gradually as we plan to shut it down completely on September 30 2022.

To replace it, we are proud to offer the Devolutions Password Hub platform, also a cloud based offering, but with a modern infrastructure that follows industry best practices, as demonstrated by its SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliance! Since you are a single user in your subscription, we suggesting moving to our free offering called Password Hub Personal! To learn more about that service, please consult Password Hub Personal.

Migration steps

1.Please visit Sign Up to create your personal vault.  If you do not have a Devolutions Account (required), that same page will allow you to create it.

2.In Remote Desktop Manager;

a.Use File - Export - Export Vault (.rdm) to create a hard copy of your DODB content, please ensure to check the Include credentials option.


b.Use File - Data Sources to create a new Password Hub Personal datasource, you should only have to give it a name and pre-fill the username of your Devolutions Account. When you press OK, you will be prompted to authenticate.


c.The current datasource should have been changed automatically to Hub Personal, but you should now see a datasource selection dropdown that displays both your DODB and Hub Personal datasources. Please ensure the Hub Personal is selected.

d.Use File - Import - Import(.rdm) and select the file created at step 2a.


e.Enjoy your new Password Hub Personal free subscription!

When you’ve confirmed that all of your content is available, please set yourself a reminder to visit Devolutions Online Database and actually ask for the deletion of your DODB. It will not only reduce your online presence, but also greatly help us in managing this End-of-life process. Also note that the export file created at step 2a does contain passwords, so you should store it in a safe manner.

Please visit our corporate web site and use the chat feature to get quick assistance on this process, you can also post on our Devolutions Password Hub forum (yes, even for free services…) to get help.